Thursday, September 06, 2007

These are intense days for Alessandro Del Piero: Sunday he scored the second goal in the victorious away game at Cagliari, he's in Coverciano from Monday night to train with the national team, and between these two commitments the Juventus captain had another one to meet, a very pleasant and prestigious commitment. Indeed today in Monte Carlo, in the presence of Prince Albert the Second of Monaco, Alex received the 2007 Golden Foot award.
This award is organized by the World Champions Club of Monte Carlo, and is in its fifth year: each year a player, who must be 29 years old or older, is chosen for the award. The players in consideration must have distinguished themselves for their sporting achievements, their fair play, their personality and their fame, but most of all for their ability to become favourites with the people.
And Del Piero is clearly a favourite with the people, as over 150,000 fans who voted online gave preference to him over the other nine candidates, all of them excellent players like Beckham, Cafu, Cannavaro, Roberto Carlos, Figo, Giggs, Henry, Maldini and Raul.
Alex is the second Juventus player to leave his footprint on the Champions Promenade in Monte Carlo, the street that faces the sea in the Monaco Principality; Pavel Nedved had won the award in 2004, after Roberto Baggio, who'd won in 2003, and before Shevchenko and Ronaldo, winners of the last two editions. (from : Juventus's sites)

nb. i love him so much ...he's my longlife idol always & always...muach muach :P~~~~


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